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Decisions About Your Community.

Vote AGAINST the Alcohol Amendment.

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Visit the Arkansas Secretary of State website for voter registration information, and Vote AGAINST the Alcohol Amendment November 4th!

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I don’t want to beer joints and honky tonks right next to our grade schools and churches. And can you imagine the concept of a liquor store built just across the street from a high school?  That is insane—but you can bet it will happen if this new law passes!

Lonoke County

This is a dangerous precedent and once it becomes part of our state constitution, we’ll never be able to change it back. Our local right  to decide on issues that affect our community will be lost—forever!

Grant County

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Contribute to Local Rights

Help spread the word about the fight for local rights in our communities and tell the folks at the state capital to focus on what’s important – FREEDOM.
It’s obvious who is behind this—big, greedy, out-of-state corporations that don’t care one bit about Arkansas. We must stop this roller-coaster idea of taking away our remaining few freedoms—like deciding what’s best for our community. Please, leave us alone.

Craighead County

Citizens For Local Rights is a grassroots organization made up of more than 800 Arkansans who have contributed money to stop a Little Rock lawyer from changing our State Constitution with regard to alcohol sales.


This attorney’s efforts have been funded by giant, out-of-state, alcohol-selling corporations that want to be able to sell and possibly even manufacture alcoholic beverages through Arkansas, circumventing local control and buffer laws in half of our counties where such has been made illegal by local citizens’ votes. A young man from Jonesboro, Brian Richardson, helped to organize the group with others, after earlier this year fighting back the very same issue to make Craighead County wet.

While there are no politicians or elected officials involved with our group, both major party candidates for governor, Asa Hutchinson and Mike Ross, have both publicly declared their support for our “Local Control” cause and their opposition to the proposed Alcohol Ammendment.

Keep Community Decisions Local


Local Issues

We should decide what we want in our communities.


Local Rights

We don’t agree that others should make decisions for us.


Local Decisions

We are best equipped to make decisions for our families.



Take Action. Keep Your Rights Local.

Vote Against Issue #4.