Log Cabin Democrat Editorial: Statewide vote for ‘wet’ counties is wrong

Although it may seem to be a simple question — do we want easier access to alcohol in our city and county — there are other issues to consider, and this latest development can actually create a situation where those who have nothing to do with Faulkner County can tell us how our community will be from here on out.

If a ballot initiative does make it to the state voters in a few months, then those people in Little Rock and Fayetteville will decide whether we will begin to house liquor stores on our blocks and makeshift beer and wine aisles in our grocery stores. While we have nothing personally against these images — we have certainly progressed passed the days of prohibition and bootlegging — it says something that the ability to create parts of our community the way we see fit could be taken away from us.

Read the entire editorial at the Log Cabin Democrat website.

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